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  • Xavi “The Destroyer” Debuts Video “Bésame” on VEVO

    Posted on June 03, 2013 | by Dioni M. | View Comments


    In just 24 hours the great fans of “The Destroyer”, the “Little Giant” of urban music, will enjoy his new video “Bésame” on VEVO. The young singer will be promoting his 1st single from his Album “Proyecto X” – “Bésame” in the most important local medias of Puerto Rico from June 3rd through the 11th, 2013

    New Jersey, NJ (Monday, June 3, 2013).- With short but firm steps, the little giant of the urban music Xavi “The Destroyer” will continue the line of success that he has been marking since his entrance to the label “Orfanato Music Group”. After having resounding success in the local radio of Puerto Rico and reaching a high level of popularity in South America with his previous single “Mi Nena”, Xavi returned with his urban style and bet once again for the romantic world in the single “Bésame”.

    His charisma, positivity and good command of his ideas in each of his compositions, has helped that his young age won’t be a barrier to create a romantic cuts that have unquestionably remained with the public taste that follow his music. Xavier Soto Rivera, known from a young age in the artistic environment as Xavi “The Destroyer”, put date and time to the premiere of his new video supported by the “Orfanato Music Group” – “Bésame”.

    The premiere will be this Tuesday, June 4th, and will be available through VEVO/YouTube at 10am PDT / 2pm Puerto Rico. For this video “Xavi” decorated his surroundings with a “Youth” environment and pleasant, as the video shows, coincided with the “love” of his live while purchasing some items at a store.  Among these it can be seen at first sight products like “Xtreme Gel” of Puerto Rico, a brand of Shampoo, Gel and hair was for the hair that maintain a solid business relationship with the singer, as he has been known to behave very well in the hand of his father in the music and business area.

    The “Little Giant”, as “Xavi” has begun to be called for his versatility and good talent, felt very comfortable and at ease  while life was given to the story surrounding the video “Bésame”. The video that starting tomorrow Tuesday May 4th will be posted through all cyber networks, show among its images the casual moment when “Xavi” meets the young girl who later does not leave his dreams.  For a change, Xavi “The Destroyer” uses several spaces as backdrop, while on the other hand uses rhymes dedicated to the beautiful girl like “sólo tú me pones en tensión”.

    The video “Bésame” involves a combination of music, looks and feeling between “Xavi” and the beautiful girl, that later are developed as the singer enjoys pleasant moments with his friends at a “bowling alley.”  This would be the second “romantic” single of Xavi “The Destroyer” since the debut of his successful hit single “Mi Nena”, on his latest album of the famous Latin music singer Don Omar “MTO2: New Generation”. The young singer will be promoting the 1st single of his Album “Proyecto X” – “Bésame” in the most important local medias of Puerto Rico from June 3rd through the 11th, 2013.





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